I'm Matt Loszak.

I like to design, animate, and code. This is my corner of the web - where you'll find a quick history on everything I've made and have been involved with! That's all for now...



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I design, animate and cod

I design, animate and code

I design, animate and code.


iOS Music Camera App

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JamCam began as an experiment and turned into a full-blown company with funding, partnerships with international artists like Maroon 5 and PSY, was featured in the Apple App Store, and more.


Music Discovery Website

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Vibrauto was my way of getting familiar with web-based programming languages, while learning about creating a consumer social network. It was made in my free time over several months.


iOS Weather App

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Sol was my excuse to learn Objective-C, despite there being a lot of weather apps out there already. My goal was for Sol to be deceptively minimalist, while maintaining a high level of functionality.


3D Educational Videos

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Tiros was my first major creative project, done in collaboration with David Hariri. We created two 20-minute 3D animated educational videos for high school physics students.


Engineering Physics

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I took a degree that would let me learn about the underpinning concepts of science in technology. Along the way I was involved in some cool design projects, and had plenty of good times.

High School

Preppy All-Boys School

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In high school I was frequently changing my mind on what I wanted to do with my life. I started to produce music, and despite a passion for Art Class, opted to pursue sciences instead.

Primary School

Maths, Colours and Crackers

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When I was 7, I wanted to be an inventor. I would frequently make contraptions out of cardboard, tape and string. In some ways, I had a clearer sense of my future then than in the years that followed.

Born 25.3 years ago.